In Japanese, mikazuki (三日月) means "crescent moon." The name Mikazuki Crystal Co. is an homage to the Japanese part of my heritage, my little black cat, Luna, and my love for celestial magick. These are things I've been able to lean on when my mental health was in bad condition.


I'm Naomi, owner and jewelry designer at Mikazuki Crystal Co. When I started collecting crystals for crystal healing, I turned to jewelry making as a spiritual and creative outlet. My first pieces were raw crystals wrapped with craft wire, and I wore them as a part of my spiritual practice, depending on my daily intentions and mental health goals. Now, I use my jewelry business to create conscious jewelry for other people, too.


In 2017, I was studying music therapy in Portland and working as a personal support worker for children on the autism spectrum. Trying to balance school, work, mental health, and caregiver burnout had proven to be a challenge I was not prepared for. I made the decision to turn jewelry making into a business both as a challenge for myself and as a way to work towards a more independent lifestyle. My favorite part of building a business ended up being branding and marketing; I spent every second of my free time creating my brand, and that was a passion and dedication I hadn't experienced with music. That discovery, paired with the caregiver burnout, motivated me to change my career path to digital marketing while I continued to grow my jewelry business.


Mental health had been an important theme in my life since I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2012. I began to learn more about mental health so I could be a better advocate for myself and others. When I decided to change my career path, I knew I needed to incorporate this advocacy into my business, so I chose to donate 10% of my sales to Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Centers (APCTC) in support of minority mental health. The future of of Mikazuki Crystal Co. includes more products that are helpful for self-care and healing and more action surrounding mental health. Follow along to be part of our little community! Thank you so much for reading my story -- your support means the world to me! ♡

I contacted the Naomi (owner) regarding a custom order idea I had, and she said that she would be able to create it. You know how you try and describe something to someone and you end up with a totally different vision? Not with Naomi! She nailed it! I've gotten so many compliments on my earrings so, I purchased more as gifts! Thank you Naomi for your attention to detail and for being so quick to answer all my questions!
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