Aphrodite Gemstone Hoops


These one-of-a-kind hoops are made with sterling silver, herkimer diamond, rose quartz, opal, and a stainless steel charm. They are only available in silver!

☾ Herkimer diamond: cleansing and purifying; magnifies properties of other stones.
☾ Rose quartz: unconditional love, healing, and harmony.
☾ Opal: originality, creativity, freedom, and independence; October birthstone; 14th marriage anniversary stone. 

For a video of these earrings in the sunlight, check out my Instagram.

Note: These earrings have Ethiopian Opal, which are hydrophane. This means that they absorb water, and it can turn the stones yellow. This will go away within a few minutes to a few days, depending on how much water was absorbed. Opals are very fragile, so please follow the care instructions carefully when wearing jewelry containing opal.